Eyeglass Assistance

Where to drop off used eyeglasses and hearing aids?
We accept all used eyeglasses, readers, hearing aids, and sunglasses.
Professional Property Management
1511 S Russell St.
Missoula, MT  59801
9-5 Monday through Friday

Where may I receive assistance for purchasing eyeglasses?

PINK AREA – Missoula Lions
Sue Olinger,   406-728-2331,   sjolinger54@gmail.com

GREEN AREA – Southside Lions
Dick Larson,  406-544-3888,  arsonlarson@msn.com

YELLOW AREA – East Missoula Lions
Dolores Johnson, 406-880-0946, delores1969@msn.com

BLUE AREA – Lolo Lions
Mike Sandry, 406-273-3730, lolophysicaltherapy@msn.com

Please CLICK THE MAP BELOW to see which Missoula Area Lions Club is best able to assist you.








Stevensville – Mary Hayes, 406-777-5645
Hamilton – Dr. Beyer, 406-363-2020
Seeley Lake – Dick Lewis, 406-677-2200