Eyeglass Assistance

Where to drop off used eyeglasses and hearing aids?
We accept all used eyeglasses, readers, hearing aids, and sunglasses.
Professional Property Management
607 SW Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT  59803
9-5 Monday through Friday

Areas for eyeglass assistance

PINK AREA – Missoula Lions
Sue Olinger,   406-728-2331,   sjolinger54@gmail.com

GREEN AREA – Southside Lions
Dick Larson,  406-544-3888,  arsonlarson@msn.com

YELLOW AREA – East Missoula Lions
Dolores Johnson, 406-880-0946, delores1969@msn.com

BLUE AREA – Lolo Lions
Mike Sandry, 406-273-3730, lolophysicaltherapy@msn.com

Please CLICK THE MAP BELOW to see which Missoula Area Lions Club is best able to assist you.








Stevensville – Mary Hayes, 406-777-5645
Hamilton – Dr. Beyer, 406-363-2020
Seeley Lake – Dick Lewis, 406-677-2200

Missoula Lions application form for assistance

Click on the following link to see an application form for eyeglasses:  Adult Application